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Which Migo is it? ABC mistakes Quavo for Takeoff in tribute

The US network botched the In Memoriam segment

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Des 2022

A lot of entertainers say that Hollywood folks can’t tell Black people apart. ABC, one of the three main TV networks in America, did nothing to dispel this rumor by putting up a graphic with a picture of Quavo from the Migos while honoring Takeoff in the In Memoriam segment on December 26.

Hosted by Robin Roberts [who is Black], ABC aired a segment dedicated to entertainers that passed away in 2022. When the picture of Quavo [who is alive] was shown, the words Takeoff rapper Migos aired next to his picture. Not only was this unbelievably disrespectful to someone who died recently, but it also proved that video editors and hosts at these companies don’t pay attention to current events.

While ABC News later apologized for their heinously insensitive mistake, Twitter users weren’t letting them go on their mea culpa.