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ØZI & ¥ellow Bucks get the ‘Go Ahead’ to connect the Asian Hip Hop scene

This is the first single of M.A.U. Collective & bpm plus asia’s mission

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Okt 2021

¥ellow Bucks is on fire all over Japan right now. In 2019 he won the first season of Rapstar, In 2020, he released his debut album, Jungle, to a lot of fanfare all over Japan. And recently, he popped up on JP the Wavy’s million-viewed ‘WAVEBODY.’

ØZI has been having a great run in 2021 with collabs with Dizzy Dizzo on ‘WhatALife,’ as well as just collecting three Golden Music Indie Awards nominations for Best Album, Best Singer Songwriter, and Best RNB for his album Pedestal.

It only makes sense that these two hot flame emojis combine on a track for some fun. And that’s just what they do in ‘Go Ahead,’ the first single of M.A.U. Collective & bpm plus asia’s mission to connect the Asia Hip Hop scene. The beat, produced by DJ RYOW & & SPACE DUST CLUB hits hard and both MCs tear it up.

The video, while filmed separately since Asia is still under the throes of COVID-19, is also a banger. ¥ellow Bucks is up first and he does some business first, then he has a few female visitors over for a night of selfie-taking and who knows what else. ØZI is set up for verse two in his studio and then he’s counting his money and flipping back and forth between English and Mandarin.

It’s great to see the Japan to Taiwan connection in action. M.A.U. Collective and bpm plus asia are not only aiming to put Asian MCs together, but also revive the legendary label Future Shock. If this is the first shot, then the future looks bright for their big plans.

Check out ØZI & ¥ellow Bucks ‘Go Ahead’ below.