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RAMENGVRL's live shows around Asia are becoming legendary

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Jul 2024

What can be said about Indonesia’s RAMENGVRL that hasn’t already been said? Simply put, she’s a musical and creative juggernaut and she had a great year. Around this time last year, she joined forces with Singapore’s Yung Raja for the fun and funky ‘Ming Ling,’ and if you slept on that joint then you better ask somebody.

RAMENGVRL’s hot sauce is saucy, and RAJA’s machine gun flow is breathtaking, and the music video is hilarious. But Ramen really is a Boss, it's not just lyrics. She also launched her own Going Noodles project that does everything from producing, to creating merch, to running festivals. When LiFTED had her perform in Hong Kong last December at our Clockenflap official afterparty, she tore the roof off the place. And recently she’s embarked on conquering mainland China, with a scorching set at the Strawberry Festival in Beijing and a mini tour. She’s only going all the way up.