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Pusha T & Arby’s take aim at McDonald’s again

Now there’s a diss & a clothing drop because of course there is

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 30 Sep 2022

Admit it. Drake hasn’t been the same since Pusha T came into his life and ruined it. While he may be selling billions and shaving new things into his hair, his music has suffered. Certified Loverboy was meh at best and his latest offering on the house tip got laughed out of the box, especially when Beyonce dropped her stunning album a week later.

Arby’s is banking on Pusha T to bring that same end-that-career energy to the fast food business. Earlier this year in March, Arby’s and Pusha T took it to McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish by grilling the restaurant about its barely edible fish sandwich. Now, this twosome is reuniting to diss the McRib [gasp!], and drop a line of cowboy gear to boot.

‘Rib Roast’ by King Push comes out of the gate hot and disses the limited-edition McRib that people go on about whenever it happens to show up at the local Micky Ds by calling it mystery meat. He trots out Arby’s answer, the Country-Style Rib Sandwich, to which he says, “Rap album of the year. Sandwich of the year. Simple as that. We both give you quality straight out of the kitchen.”

Arby's x Pusha T

But it’s not only sandwiches that Arby’s is selling. To go along with its country-style sandwich, they are releasing custom Pusha T T-shirts, Bolo ties, trucker hats, and bandanas. The merch is fly and all have the Arby’s 10-gallon hat logo on them as well as a crown with the words Push on it.

We might be waiting for McDonald’s response as long as we all have waited for Drake’s response.

Check out ‘Rib Roast’ by Pusha T below, and get any of the gear at the Arby’s Online store here.