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Crochet rebel without a pause

Be kind clothing label’s founder creates club-ready bespoke knit pieces

LiFTED | Sean D | 24 Mar 2022

Indian national Kusum Bangari is creating some mind-blowing knitwear in colors and styles that will make you stand out at a festival, a club, or just kicking it in the park. Her take on crochet is eye-catching, fun, and sexy all at the same time. Based in bright, colorful patterns and funky shapes, she has captured the essence of right now youth energy that feels like it would fit any group, from ravers to rappers to skaters to yoga freaks.

Be kind’s designs are complemented by Kusum’s own clever, psychedelic video posts on Instagram - usually featuring herself and her fashion model looks. Occasionally, she features her sister and friends doing everything from yoga poses to just bugging out for the camera in her creative designs. We caught up with the Uttarakhand native in Hong Kong, where she has relocated and started her company, Be kind clothing.

Hey Kusum! We just love your designs – they are so creative and fun. Where does your inspiration come from?

Thank you! I am an introvert, so I crochet to express myself. I find inspiration everywhere, like the energies around me, as well as people, shapes, music, and emotions.

You moved to Hong Kong a few years ago. Why was that? How has Hong Kong been part of your company’s story? When did you start Be kind clothing?

I love Hong Kong because I feel free here. I feel less judged. I have come across really good and kind human beings in Hong Kong and it’s the kindness that keeps me going. I started crocheting a year ago and used to do a few custom orders. Be kind clothing started in January of 2022.

So you are brand new! You usually use Indian Folk or even Bollywood music in your IG videos. Is that because you miss home?

Yes, I miss the mountains and the food but mostly I will always feel connected to Indian music.

Are all your pieces one-of-a-kind bespoke creations? Do you post a new video for each one?

All my pieces are unique, like the one I made for LiFTED! For now, I make just one piece of each design. Yes, I try to make a video for each one.

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Your inspirations seem to come from all over the place. We really really love your Juice WRLD Balaclava. How did that idea come about?

Thank you! As I mentioned earlier, I get inspired by the people I meet. So I met this guy who listened to Juice WRLD all day. I really liked his music, his personality, and the innocence in his eyes, so the balaclava happened.

Please tell us [because we love it] what was the inspiration for the GIMME HEAD halter top?

I was just trying to be funny! The inspiration behind the GIMME HEAD top is headstands. I love doing yoga and learning different kinds of headstands. Just my twisted sense of humor.

Are there any musical artists you’d love to work with?

I love Dua Lipa, Abida Parveen, The Weeknd, DIVINE, and Rihanna.

You must be crocheting non-stop. What do you like to do when you take a break?

I love hiking. Hong Kong stream hikes are the best!

If people want to order pieces from you what’s the best way?

You can order through my website