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FamilyMart debuts ConvienceWear collection in Japan

FamilyMart gear is the new Kirkland

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Dec 2023

Debuting in 2022, FamilyMart’s fashion line of ConcienceWear by Hiromichi Ochiai offers 80 looks of colorful, everyday basics. These hoodies, T-shirts, jackets, and socks in FamilyMart colors have been such a hit that the only natural thing to do was to have a ConvenienceWear fashion show in Japan.

This happened at the end of November as more than 100 models of varying sizes, races, ages, and genders walked a catwalk in the Second Gymnasium at Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Stadium in front of a circular FamilyMart shop for FAMI-FEST.

Many Japanese celebrities attended the event and in the end, people were allowed into the store, which was lined with ConvenienceWear as well as hot snacks.

Check out a video about the ConvenienceWear show below.