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ZICO links with JENNIE for a party anthem ‘SPOT!’

This mega South Korean collaboration is killing the charts

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 2 May 2024

Hip Pop is huge in South Korea, but there aren’t many Rap stars who can exist between the two worlds of commerciality and raw Hip Hop like ZICO does. The 31-year-old rapper and producer first got into the business in the K-pop boy band Block B in 2011, before starting solo ventures in 2014. Since then, he’s been featured on the acclaimed series Show Me the Money, produced bangers for fellow artists, and put out a bunch of dope solo releases.

ZICO has a foot in the commercial side of things as well. On April 26, he released ‘SPOT!’ with none other than the K-Pop sensation, JENNIE of BLACKPINK. The infectious three-minute track isn’t just a track for the algorithm and charts though because ZICO drops his verses masterfully on it, weaving in his flows that complement JENNIE’s vocals on the hook, all while dropping an ode to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s first track together. The seasoned vet knows how the game works and he knows how to play it with absolute class.

A music video also accompanied the track’s release, which features the two stars and their crews dancing around and gearing up for good times. It’s one thing to be a sick MC and belt out vocals, but it’s another thing to also be dope dancers at the very same time. ZICO and JENNIE both have that in their stash.

Check out the video for ZICO and JENNIE’s ‘SPOT!’ below.