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The 9 members of the YUPP! family release feel-good ‘OnlyFans’


LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 Aug 2023

To celebrate five years of being in the music business, the YUPP! Family released ‘OnlyFans,’ a Hip Pop and R&B track that has a little something from everyone on the label. The superstar on the label is MILLI as she’s been on a roll over the past few years with music, controversies, and selling out mango sticky rice in the whole country. Other first-generation artists on YUPP! include MAIYARAP, AUTTA, NAMEMT. They have combined with AINN, Flower.far, FIZZIE, GALCHANIE, and GeniePak to form XYPP!, a project that combines all of the artists on the label.

While most people think of ‘OnlyFans’ as a place for personalized pornography, YUPP! turns that on its head. Besides using all of YUPP!’s artists, ‘OnlyFans’ is dedicated to their followers that have been down from day one. The song has got a 2000s vibe and the video shows the whole crew having a blast.

MILLI said of ‘OnlyFans,’ “It was so fun. It was fun from the start when the nine YUPP! artists got to brainstorm ideas and start a demo together. It’s something I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ve been working quite a lot with MAIYARAP, NAMEMT, and AUTTA, but now I get to work with new artists like AINN, Flower.far, FIZZIE, GALCHANIE, and GeniePak. I’m telling you, all of the cool kids are in this song. ‘OnlyFans’ is a song that I want to give to all YUPP!’s and each of the artist’s fans.”

Check out ‘OnlyFans’ from the YUPP! family below.