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Wonstein gets unconventional with 'Cassie [$]'

The Korean artist jumps back into his Hip Hop bag

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 19 Sep 2022

As a fresh new signee under Korean R&B star Zion T’s new label STANDARD FRIENDS, Wonstein made it clear that he is about to present a newfound focus on his songwriting and production. “I decided to join the team after seeing the environment where I can focus only on music,” he said in a press statement. ‘Cassie [$]’ is his first offering under the company, a bouncy Hip Hop tune that highlights both his singing and rhyming skills.

The track is a Trap-influenced cut that embraces Wonstein’s quirky side – one that he’s always hinted at in past releases but never so outwardly as on ‘Cassie [$]’. Much of his older work revolved around R&B or soulful ballads, so this new single is a refreshing take on his multifaceted artistry.

‘Cassie [$]’ also has a music video that is equally as zany. We see him in a morgue with a corpse of himself before it comes alive and gets caught by the police. There’s also a heist subplot with femme fatale. The visuals aren’t to be taken seriously but it does paint a more casual image, which is where Wonstein seems to be taking his sound and career.

Watch the music video for Wonstein’s ‘Cassie [$]’ below.