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Nene perfects the art of being a baddie with Young Coco on ‘YUMMY’

The Yurufuwa Gang star is breaking out on her own

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Jul 2024

Summer 2024 is the season of the baddie. The Hawk Tuah girl went viral around the globe in a matter of days and now she’s making millions off merch. Nene from Yurufuwa Gang, who has always been a LiFTED favorite because of their dope raps, trippy videos, and inventive camera angles, is becoming a breakout star by perfecting the art of being a baddie.

Ever since she jumped on Awich’s ‘Bad B*tch’ remix last summer with LANA and MaRI, Nene has been inspired. She got on another track with Awich since then, ‘Honey Buns,’ but this time invited the rising star Young Coco to be on ‘YUMMY.’

The video for ‘YUMMY’ is the flawless execution of Hot Girl Summer 2024. Baddie must-haves include nail extensions, fake titanium teeth, hot tubs, barely-there bikinis, smiley piercings, and even someone dressed in a hot dog costume.

While it’s a steaming hot video, the best part is the music, produced by Koshy. Nene raps in almost a whisper, but it fits on the beat like a glove. When Young Coco finally gets on the mic upside down in the video with his dreads swinging, it’s icing on top of the cake. Since he showed up on the ‘Team Tomodachi Dirty Kansai’ remix with Jin Dogg and performed at Pop Yours, Coco has been blasting off into the atmosphere. His verse here and appearance in the video are more notches in his belt.

Check out Nene featuring Young Coco on ‘YUMMY’ below.