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One shot is ‘WHAT HAPPENED’ in Miyachi’s latest & then all hell breaks loose

The comedic MC collabs with Japanese music & art label tokyovitamin

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 5 Oct 2021

Miyachi is back with a new track and video for ‘WHAT HAPPENED’, which highlights his charisma, humor, and skillful flow. The track was released in collaboration with independent music and art label tokyovitamin and is part of Jägermeister’s #SAVETHENIGHT campaign, so no CHU-HI this time!

The music video is a send-up of 90’s Japanese news channels, and tokyovitamin’s concept and creative direction reflect Miyachi’s quirky sense of humor and penchant for dressing up as different characters. At the beginning of the clip, Miyachi plays a news anchor reporting about a “local man questioned for stealing 72 pieces of broccoli from the supermarket” so you already know that silliness will follow.

His co-anchor then cues the rapper with the line, “You want to take a shot?” Miyachi then whips out a bottle of Jägermeister that shocks his co-anchor and then all hell breaks loose. The clip quickly shows Miyachi starring in multiple roles, such as the weatherman, field reporter, camera operator, and superstar.

As usual, Miyachi’s bars match the ‘flow’ of the Jäger shots as he hilariously reminds us of his pedigree with the line, “Bitch, I’m from New York,” and the bass-heavy Trap beat that provides the perfect soundtrack to this show.

Check out Miyachi’s ‘WHAT HAPPENED’ below.