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Rappers must submit urine tests before appearing on The Rap of China

3Bangz broke it down on Weibo

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 Mar 2024

The Rap of China is gearing up for its new season by having global auditions [congrats Rapeter, Majin, and Castle$ Deniro] and sending out invites [congrats Haysen Cheng] for rappers. Last week, rapper 3Bangz, who has been selected to be a contestant, posted on Weibo about his experience doing a urine test before he competes.

Over the years, iQIYI’s The Rap of China has been filled with controversy, from Kris Wu’s troubles to PG One’s erasure. Since China has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs, it only makes sense that they try and get the best and cleanest contestants so the show doesn’t shut down midway through the filming. While drug use and American Hip Hop go hand in hand, any small problems like tax abuse or sexual misconduct could derail the whole production and cause the Chinese government to make the show disappear from its Internet.

The day after 3Bangz’s post got 20 million views, the rapper was worried that he had caused too much commotion and would be kicked off before he even got started. As of the time of writing, 3Bangz was still in the audition process.

Check out 3Bangz’s audition process here.