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TIAB announces his own label MIF and a debut EP

The empire-building rapper reveals his big plans

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 14 Aug 2021

Truly living up to his motto ‘To Infinity And Beyond’, Hong Kong rapper TIAB has announced he is launching his own indie label MIB and teased fans with a series of collabs and new merch.

The Hong Kong rapper, who recently performed at the OVERLAP festival, is now announcing his master plan to supercharge his thriving Indie career. In a press statement, TIAB announced he is launching his own label ‘MIF’ [Make In Future] and has signed his first artist LEWSZ. Furthermore, the 23-year-old rapper is forming a Hip Hop crew called ‘TKMG’ that will focus on creating Hip Hop with multiple influences. The line-up for TKMG has yet to be confirmed but we expect some big names to join, considering TIAB’s reach in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

MIF’s debut project NUMB 麻木 is a 6-track EP featuring TIAB and LEWSZ. The moody, lovelorn tracks mostly stick to TIAB’s winning formula of heart-wrenching lyrics, R&B and emo-infused tunes and catchy melodies that he’s known for - refreshed by newcomer LEWSZ’s smooth, eloquent verses. Expanding on their concept, the duo released a mythology-inspired video for their lead single ‘Sorry’, with LEWSZ playing a fallen angel fighting the lustful temptation of Pandora with the help of Lucifer played by TIAB. It may sound over-the-top, but the striking visuals and trippy effects match the track’s dark, tormented vibe.

In the lead up to their debut, MIF is collaborating with various brands for merch, including two floral craft beers with local brewers, a punky shoulder bag produced by designer brand PabePabe, T-shirts and bracelets with Japan’s Supplier and 2 new custom-designed T-shirts by TIAB and LEWSZ themselves, playing off ‘Sorry’s angels and demons theme.

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Check out NUMB麻木 on streaming platforms and watch TIAB & LEWSZ's 'Sorry' below!