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The Simpsons gets reimagined as anime for Halloween special

Lisa Simpson is the one with the Death Note

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Oct 2022

For the past 33 [!!!] years, The Simpsons has made fun of everything under the sun. In season 10, Bart, Lisa, Homer, and Marge went to Japan in the episode ‘Thirty Minutes over Tokyo.’ In it, jokes were made about Japanese game shows, the Emperor, sumo wrestlers, Godzilla, and of course, Hello Kitty. This Sunday, The Simpsons are going back to Japan but in a different way. The family that gets into all kinds of trouble will recreate themselves as anime and redo Death Note in their TREEHOUSE OF HORRORS XXXIII special.

The Simpsons as anime

The challenge of making The Simpsons into anime has fallen to South Korean animation studio DR Movie, who have worked on the original Death Note as well as The Animatrix, Justice League, and others.

The idea of Death Note is that anyone whose name is written into a notebook will die. Lisa Simpson, in the parody Death Tome, is the one who is given these special powers to get people to “meet their death…and be dead.” The footage that has been released as a preview is amazing as Lisa wanders around a city that is polluted beyond belief. She finds out she has the power to kill and wants to use it to save the world, stopping one cow fart at a time.

The anime versions of all The Simpsons characters are staggering, as small-time characters like Marge’s sisters Sherri and Terri, as well as Disco Stu are shown in the preview. Catch the TREEHOUSE OF HORRORS XXXIII Halloween special on October 30 on The Simpsons.

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