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Mixtape: The End Lingerie drops a fresh collection inspired by Taiwanese betel nut beauties

The pieces are described as a “playlist of love songs to our fans”

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 7 Dec 2022

New York-based The End Lingerie just released a brand-new collection at the tail end of November this year. Just like how some of the best Hip Hop releases come in the form of mixtapes, the brand new collection is aptly titled Mixtape. It’s made up of 14 pieces that were inspired by betel nut culture in Taiwan.

Betel Nut Beauty with lingerie

The 14 pieces are made up of previously released products from older collections, with some newly-added flavor mixed in. In this iteration, they stripped away from the use of their normal colorways and opted for baby pink instead. On their website, they described the collection as a “playlist of love songs to our fans. Our Mixtape of all the most meaningful and wanted.”

In an interview with Hypebae, Bei Kou, the Taiwan-based designer of the collection and founder of The End Lingerie, shed more light on the collection’s name and what it all entails to. “I’ve always thought of a mixtape as a very sweet gesture of love. It is a playlist of deeper and more intense feelings that you could never express to someone in person. So that’s what this collection is about, a compilation of fan-favorite ‘hits’ made into a mixtape.”

The End Lingerie

Taiwan-based DJ and photographer Chien Wen Lin captured the essence of the new collection with photos of models sporting the new drop, roaming the streets in their eccentric wear.

Check out the full collection here.