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It’s always Summer in LA for Ted Park

The hardest working man in Asian Hip Hop has little taste of everything on the album

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 31 May 2024

When you are from the Midwest, dreaming of Los Angeles is a daily occurrence, especially if you are in the entertainment field. Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Recipe’ laid it down pretty perfectly when he said in the final lines, “Got that women, weed, and weather/Don't it sound clever/Come and play/What more can I say?/Welcome to LA.”

Ted Park, the hardest working, touring, and releasing man in Asian Hip Hop had dreams of going to LA since he was from Madison, Wisconsin. His album, which was just released, is even titled Summer in LA. The thing about it that is special, though, is that Ted didn’t need to be in LA to make the 16-track compilation. Instead, he just toured and toured and toured and toured. During that time, he blew himself up in Atlanta. He blew himself up in Madison. He blew himself up in New York so much that he’ll be doing a Red Bull Soundclash this weekend with Bohan Phoenix, P-Lo, and more. He didn’t need to be in LA to get that summer-in-LA vibe. In an Instagram post, Ted wrote, “Some of my most beautiful records have come from smaller random environments that have sparked something in me.”

Summer in LA was made and put out independently so Ted says he’s not worried about virality, making content, or the algorithms. With 16 songs and features from uber-producer Mr. Carmack, as well as pH-1, Dbo, long-time collaborator Parlay Pass, and more, Ted Park has a little taste of everything from Rock to R&B to that Trap ish on Summer in LA.

Standout tracks include ‘Summer in LA’ as an ode to the beauty of perfect weather and people, ‘Home Alone’ with pH-1, and the hard raps on ‘Chop Like Karate.’

Check out Ted Park’s Summer in LA album below.