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Suboi shatters preconceived societal norms with ‘Dâu Thiên Hạ’

Vietnam’s queen of Hip Hop is back after a 2 year break

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 12 Mar 2024

Suboi is often dubbed as Vietnam’s queen of Hip Hop, and there’s no doubt that she is. Besides international recognition via performances on COLORS or spitting bars while Barack Obama beatboxed, she’s also loved within her country and the region.

On International Women’s Day, Suboi dropped a brand new single entitled ‘Dâu Thiên Hạ,’ which also marks the first time she’s dropped brand new material in two years. Lyrically, Suboi mocks all of the preconceived societal norms that are imposed on women – ironically singing on its hook, “I am such a people pleaser/I must always be beautiful, talented, elegant/And always never forget to be gentle.”

A music video accompanied the track’s release, and it’s nothing short of sublime. Directed by Nguyen Phan Thao Dan, the music video showcases Suboi ironically doing household chores such as cooking and cleaning, only to throw them away – echoing the ethos of ‘Dâu Thiên Hạ’.

Check out the video for ‘Dâu Thiên Hạ’ below.