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Hong Kong’s INITIAL Gentleman drops Street Fighter II capsule

The collection consists of 9 T-shirts & an embroidered kimono

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 Sep 2022

When people first started going to arcades in the 1980s, they would play video games and try to get the highest score possible. If they did, they could put their initials on the leaderboard and brag to their friends about how good they were. In 1991, Street Fighter II changed all this. Instead of one player going against the computer, two people could play against each other. This meant that instead of bragging to friends about video game skills, people had to show and prove.

Street Fighter II was revolutionary in many ways and prolonged the arcade era for years. It was one of the highest-selling video games in history and is regarded as the most influential fighting game of all time. To this day, Street Fighter II video game machines are all over the globe and always have people trying to do combination moves to knock another person out.

To celebrate this immortal game, Capcom has teamed up with Hong Kong’s INITIAL Gentleman to drop nine T-shirts with the beat-up fighters on the back. Ken, E.Honda, Chun-Li, and others are all there and they didn’t do well in their matches. Under their semi-embroidered back graphics, some of the terminology from the game, like ‘INSERT COIN,” “CONTINUE,” or “GAME OVER,” is written in the Street Fighter font above the INITIAL logo. The kimono is black with black embroidering for extra flyness.

If you want to relive your video game glory days, these Street Fighter II shirts are for you.

The shirts and kimonos are available at the INITIAL Gentleman shop in Hong Kong or online here.