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Snoop crip walks with equestrian horses into the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

The Hip Hop legend will be part of the NBC broadcast team

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 3 Jan 2024

In 2003, Snoop Dogg was on the cover of Newsweek magazine with the title ‘When is Rap 2 Violent?’ At the time, he was charged with murder and thought of as the most dangerous rapper alive.

Fast forward to 2024 and the D O double G was not satisfied as being one of the first rappers to headline the Super Bowl. Instead, he’s now going to be part of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic coverage for NBC.

This all stems from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, held in 2021 due to COVID-19, when Snoop and Kevin Hart did unorthodox wrap-up shows that were pure comedic gold. When Snoop got the job this year was probably when he and Kevin did a segment called Cold Call, where they had to freestyle what was going on in some events. In an equestrian segment, Snoop said the horse was crip walking and demanded the horse's number so he could put him in a video. Watch the hilarity right here:

With skills in rapping and comedy, Snoop is sure to lead the NBC team to all-time high ratings for their coverage of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. Snoop commented, “I grew up watching the Olympics and am thrilled to see the incredible athletes bring their A -game to Paris. It's a celebration of skill, dedication, and the pursuit of greatness. We're going to have some amazing competitions and, of course, I will be bringing that Snoop style to the mix. It's going to be the most epic Olympics ever, so stay tuned, and keep it locked."

Check out Snoop’s intro video below.