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Punjab rapper & politician Sidhu Moose Walla assassinated

The murder happened less than 24 hours after his security detail was taken away

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 30 May 2022

In a stunning turn of events, Punjabi rapper and politician Sidhu Moose Walla was killed in cold blood while he was driving near his house in Mansa, India at the age of 28 on Sunday, May 29. Attackers pulled up next to his vehicle and let off 30 rounds of ammunition at the rapper from three guns. He was hit by eight shots and pronounced dead at the hospital. The other person in his vehicle was also killed.

A rivalry between Moose Walla’s management and a Canadian organized crime mob has been blamed for the gangland-style attack. To add intrigue to the killing, on Saturday, May 28, the state government in Punjab announced it was reassigning its protection services from famous people to other individuals. The list of people that had protection was leaked, and two security guards were taken away from Moose Walla. Within 24 hours, he was assassinated.

Moose Walla had a promising career in Hip Hop as his songs and videos had more than four billion views since the start of his career in 2018. He even got a co-sign from Drake, who posted “RIP MOOSE” on his Instagram stories. No one has been arrested yet in conjunction with the killings, but authorities said they will do everything in their power to find out who took Sidhu Moose Walla’s life.