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Shubh is entering 2024 with his ‘Safety Off’

The track is taken from the MC’s latest EP Leo

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 22 Jan 2024

India-born, Canada-based rapper Shubh announced himself to the world via his first single ‘We Rollin’ in September 2021. His relaxed flow over a minimalistic beat brought a different kind of energy into the Punjabi Rap world, making him an MC to keep an eye on.

Three years on, and he has an album, an EP, and a string of singles under his belt. The EP, the latest of the lot, is a four-tracker entitled Leo, arriving on all streaming platforms on January 5. One of its standout tracks is ‘Safety Off’, a thumping two-minute heater.

A music video for it was also released on January 12, racking up over four million views in less than 10 days. There aren’t any frills or gimmicks in the black and white streets of ‘Safety Off.’ Shubh goes absolutely hard on it, spraying his bars in a calm, yet completely assertive fashion. And if you ever thought of messing with him, the music video would probably make you think twice as he’s got a bullet-proof vest and his crew comes strapped.

Check out the video for Shubh’s ‘Safety Off’ down below.