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Roll through the city streets of the Six with Ching on ‘Trap Line Bling’

A tour of the town goes down on BMX bikes and tricked out cars

LiFTED | Winston West | 29 Jun 2021

Toronto native Ching has been on an upward trajectory since being featured in the LB Spiffy video for 'I Love My Gang.' Born to immigrant parents of Thai and Laos descent, Ching spent his formative years bouncing around the many suburbs of T-Dot such as Brampton and Mississauga, and his experiences in these streets bleed through in his lyrics.

A steady output of music videos on YouTube has helped propel Ching onto people's radar, with 12 videos in the past year racking up millions of views combined. It didn't hurt when $tupid Young reached out, with his assisted 'No Fear' racking up over 4 million views on the Afficials YouTube channel to date.

Ching just dropped his latest video in the form of 'Trap Line Bling' where the rapper covers a range of topics from loyalty to trapping and revenge. The visuals meanwhile have Ching giving viewers a tour through the inner city of Toronto with his gang on BMX bikes and tricked out cars. If you pay attention CN Tower makes an appearance in the background.

Check out Ching's 'Trap Line Bling' below.