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Raja Kumari doesn’t play by the rules on ‘Born to Win’

The song is the first video released from her latest project THE BRIDGE

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 15 May 2023

The thing about Raja Kumari is that she is different from everyone else, and she knows it. All eyes have been on her since she was a guest at Coachella in April and released her latest album, THE BRIDGE. Now, she’s put out her first video from the project titled ‘Born to Win.’

The song starts off the album and it’s the first video, so it’s automatically a banger. In the video, Raja begins by riding with the breeze against her hair without a care in the world. She looks back, smiles, and then she’s good to go. Soon pics of her meeting a dizzying amount of famous people start coming left and right. She’s got performance footage everywhere, and she’s documenting what has been going on since she’s blown up.

About the video, Raja said in a press release, “I’m so happy and elated to bring this magical work with my audiences. It is a labor of love, passion, and something that I genuinely believe in and have been working on for a long time now. The audience has showered an immense amount of love to the album and I look forward to the same amount of love for the music video, too.”

With cameos from John Legend, Raftaar, Sidhu Moose Walla, Nas, Ebro, Lizzo, Steven Marley, and more, Raja has built up quite a collection of friends since she started putting out music seven years ago. With ‘Born to Win,’ she proves that she belongs with all these superstars.

Check out Raja Kumari’s ‘Born to Win’ below.