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‘NEVER BACK DOWN’: Raftaar’s uplifting track calms the end-of-year anxiety

“Keep fighting. Keep winning.”

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 28 Dec 2022

Known for his work all around the entertainment industry in India, Raftaar is no stranger to the Hip Hop world. When he’s not dropping bars and making music, the multi-hyphenate artist produces movies, acts, and dances. He also wears the hat of the founder of his very own label, Kalamkaar.

2022 was a stellar year of releases from him, following a string of releases as well as an album, HARD DRIVE Vol.1 in November. Now, he’s capping the year off with an uplifting track, ‘NEVER BACK DOWN’.

The brand new Hindi single arrived on all digital streaming platforms on December 24, and it features bass-heavy instrumentation while Raftaar’s goes absolutely berserk, reminding listeners to not give up. It’s thumping, it’s energetic, and it gets you going. On the track’s hook, Raftaar reiterates: “Never back down, never back down/Whatever you do, don't tap out/Never back down, never back down”

Raftaar, whose real name is Dilin Nair, kept the message clear when he promoted the track on his Instagram. He wrote: “Happy new year family. Keep fighting. Keep winning.” As we’re floating through the remaining days of 2022 that are often filled with anxiety, put on ‘NEVER BACK DOWN’ to fire you through them. Here’s to 2023.

Check out the official visualizer for Raftaar’s ‘NEVER BACK DOWN’ below.