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PLAYERTWO ramps up the energy on ‘LET ME!”

The Filipino rap group continues their 2024 hot streak

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 5 Jul 2024

PLAYERTWO began as a duo in 2022 when Ivo and Luke coined the name and embarked on their musical journey. It wasn't long before the duo expanded, bringing in the rest of the crew and taking their local music scene by storm. Now a five-man rap group, consisting of rapper-producers Wave P, Luke April, and Ivo Impreso, alongside creative directors Ven Villariza and DJ Puhken, has quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Drawing inspiration from their idols Kanye West, J. Cole, Tyler, the Creator, and Kendrick Lamar, the group has always aimed to blend their varied styles and influences to create music that transcends traditional genre boundaries. Their latest single, ‘LET ME!’ builds upon this fusion of influences, while also taking heavy inspiration from another rap group, BROCKHAMPTON.

The track features a mish-mash of piano-driven melodies, high-pitched Auto-Tuned vocals, and off-the-wall rapping that keeps listeners on their toes. It’s a sound like PLAYERTWO has honed in on their sound over the years and on this single, it truly feels like they’ve come into their own.

The single continues their hot streak in 2024 - starting the year with two smash singles, ‘FLYYY’ and ‘Pagdali,’ both collaborations with the fast-rising rapper Felip, also known as Ken from SB19.

Listen to PLAYERTWO’s ‘LET ME!’ below.