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Pharrell & Jackson Wang auction off 29 pieces

If you want Jackson Wang’s old fencing uniform, you are in luck

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 13 Jun 2024

Jackson Wang is many things to many people. In his latest iteration, which is an auction by Pharrell Williams’ JOOPITER company, he’s Jackson Wang Metamorphosis: - Athlete, Musician, Designer. There will be 29 items from Jackson’s life that are up for auction for hardcore fans and collectors alike.

Are you interested in owning a purple Magic Man jacket and gloves from his latest tour? What about in-ear headphones with Team Wang on them? How about Wang’s fencing helmet from his life before he became a Pop star? These items, and many more, are all on the JOOPITER website.

Anything Jackson Wang does always has the air of exclusivity, and Metamorphosis: - Athlete, Musician, Designer is the same. Besides his items, fans can purchase limited edition tees, jackets, pairs of gloves with his Team Wang on the middle fingers, and keychains.

If Jackson Wang is your man, this auction and drop is for you. The auction runs from June 17 to June 24 here.