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DON MALIK proves his versatility on 2-pack ‘Ladidadi’ & ‘2 many names’

The Korean MC offers listeners an intimate glimpse into his emotions

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 6 May 2024

DON MALIK has been making waves in the Korean Hip Hop scene since his debut in 2014. He continues to captivate audiences with his latest release, the double single ‘Ladidadi.’ Following the success of his stellar collaborative EP with Keem Hyo-Eun, 49, and the recent 2024 single 'K’up', DON MALIK gives out a double dose of raw emotion and introspection.

Known to pour his heart and soul into his music, DON MALIK offers listeners an intimate glimpse into his vulnerabilities and emotions. With "Ladidadi", he once again proves why he's become a strong favorite in K-hop scene since his days on Show Me The Money.

The title track, 'Ladidadi', draws inspiration from the southern Boom Bap sound of the 2000s, as DON MALIK effortlessly navigates through multiple flows and voices, showcasing his charisma on the mic. He effortlessly blends nostalgic beats with a style that he’s honed over the past decade.

On the second part of the two-pack, '2 many names,’ DON MALIK takes a different approach, delivering a rap cut that delves into themes of reflection and existentialism. Lamenting on the constraints of mortality, DON MALIK explores familiar introspective territory, offering listeners another glimpse into his innermost thoughts and fears.

Check out DON MALIK’s ‘Ladidadi’ and ‘2 many names’ below.