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PATAKA BOYS celebrate opulence & hedonism on ‘Bappi Lahiri’

The new group features PAV4N, Sonnyjim & producer Kartik with M.O.N.G.O along for the ride this time

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 May 2024

Born into a musical family, Bappi Lahiri started showing that he inherited his father’s musical talent by learning to play instruments at the age of three. At 19, Bappi became a musical director on the set of an Indian movie, and it just went up from there. Bappi is credited as the originator of Disco in India and he always wore gold chains and fly sunglasses.

A new group on Azadi Records, PATAKA BOYS, pays tribute to the Disco kingpin on the aptly named ‘Bappi Lahiri.’ Featuring up-and-coming beatmaker Kartik, and MCs PAV4N and Sonnyjim, who are cult figures in the underground UK Hip Hop scene. The PATAKA BOYS go for a chilled-out ride on this Boom Bap beat as M.O.N.G.O, a member of the UK crew Mud Fam, comes cruising along. Being South East Asian MCs in the UK, PAV4N and Sonnyjim have been friends forever, and sometimes even lyrical competitors, making for an interesting dynamic in the group.

Both verses on ‘Bappi Lahiri’ are lyrically robust. The video is also a great celebration of the opulence and hedonism that is Old School India.

Check out Azadi Records’ PATAKA BOYS’ ‘Bappi Lahiri’ below.