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OBSRVR is hosting exhibition Nothing to See Here at Young Soy Gallery

The anonymous Hong Kong street artist pushes boundaries with bold claims

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 15 Nov 2021

Street art and graffiti might not be as huge of a subculture in Hong Kong as it is in other cosmopolitan areas, so it’s not easy for street artists to make names for themselves. Anonymous street artist OBSRVR, who has been known for his social commentary and cheeky humor since 2012, has announced that he is doing a one-night stand exhibition, Nothing to See Here, at the Young Soy Gallery this Thursday, November 18.

OBSRVR’s iconic ‘Shark Fin Soup Makes Your Penis Small’ tags could be seen in allies and street corners in various sizes and forms all over the 852. This time around, the Nothing To See Here Exhibition is an extension of the messages and work found around town mixed with a collection of spontaneous, random thoughts, all inspired by the mysterious individual.

The last time OBSRVR did a solo show at the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, his work sold out within the first five minutes of the fair. Not much has been revealed about the exhibition but the gallery has teased exclusive tote bags and T-shirts, which will be available until November 25 at Young Soy Gallery, so anyone can get a piece of OBSRVR swag, too.

Date: 18 November, 2021

Time: 6 pm till late

Address: Young Soy Gallery, 10 Lee Hing Street, F/22, Unit 2219, Ap Lei Chau

Check out Young Soy Gallery’s website and Instagram here for more info.