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Norith & VannDa come together for a celebratory track ‘ក្រមុំស្រុកណា’

This is one for the Khmer people

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 9 Apr 2024

One thing rings true about the Khmer people, they’re unapologetically proud of their roots. This extends to their MCs as well, especially for VannDa, who is easily the biggest rapper in Cambodia. The man reps his Khmer culture in all that he does, and he’s also always educating the masses.

On April 1, Norith from the Hip Hop group Polarix linked up with VannDa himself to drop ‘ក្រមុំស្រុកណា,’ an anthemic track to celebrate the upcoming Khmer New Year. The track was produced by VannDa, and he immaculately combines traditional Khmer sounds with contemporary Hip Hop beats for the ‘ក្រមុំស្រុកណា’ instrumental.

Lyrically, the duo drops odes to the celebratory events that occur during the Khmerian festivities. Norith takes on the first verse while VannDa enters for the second, culminating in a third where they go back to back. In its accompanying lyric video, the duo is dancing in a studio and having a good time, which is definitely a prelude to all the crazy fun that would happen during the new year.

Check out the video for Norith and VannDa’s ‘ក្រមុំស្រុកណា’ below.