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NENE & Awich collab for catchy bass-heavy ‘Honey Buns’

This isn’t the first time these amazing Japanese artists have collabed

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 11 Jun 2024

Yurufuwa Gang has been putting out some of the trippiest and mind-blowing videos of the past few years. Awich has been killing it in 2023 and 2024. It only makes sense that NENE from Yurufuwa Gang and Awich team up for a killer bass-heavy track, ‘Honey Buns.’

Instead of the psychedelic themes that Yurufuwa Gang seems to favor, the video for ‘Honey Buns’ is more of a behind-the-scenes look at what the two dope MCs do in their free time, which includes a lot of things seen on IG stories like riding in the back of a limo, acting up in a hotel room, and eating a few honey buns.

NENE steps to the mic first and busts out a chilled-out flow with a lot of pauses in between her lines. Awich is up second and it’s easy to see why she’s gone from a dope Japanese rapper to a global superstar. She’s got a delivery of every line that oozes with the confidence of someone who knows they are on top of the world.

Because NENE and Awich have collabed before on ‘Bad Bitch Aesthetics,’ ‘Ikemental,’ ‘Poison,’ and ‘Meiki,’ they sound perfectly at home with each other on the catchy ‘Honey Buns.’

Check out NENE and Awich on ‘Honey Buns’ below.