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Japan’s Moon Jam goes on a blitz to let listeners know they should ‘stop playing’ wit me!’

Featuring fellow Japanese MCs Gypsy Well & K-nice

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 30 Mar 2023

When it comes to Hip Hop in Japan, there’s a myriad of flavors to indulge in. Whether it’s MCs delivering their best flows on off-kilter beats, ‘90s-inspired Hip Hop, or even contemporary Trap and Drill. There’s a strong sense of individuality in the Land of the Rising Sun, and that’s one of the main ingredients required for a healthy and exciting scene.

Moon Jam is one of the many MCs from Japan’s underground scene who are currently killing it. Hailing from its capital city, Tokyo, Moon Jam is one-fifth of the Tokyo Rap collective Sound’s Deli. On March 22, he released a brilliant five-track EP #HITORi. The standout track is titled ‘stop playin’ wit me!’, and it features Gypsy Well, who’s also part of the collective, as well as their compatriot, K-nice.

Produced by Puckafall, the track’s instrumentation feels like an all-out blitz. From the get-go, the energy is high, and it stays that way throughout the entire two minutes. Each of the MCs take their turns with their respective verses to unleash absolute mayhem, and best believe that no crumbs were left behind. If you ever needed a pick-me-up, this track is exactly what you need to listen to.

Check out the official music video for Moon Jam featuring Gypsy Well and K-nice ‘stop playin’ with me!’, as well as the full EP #HITORi below.