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Miyachi season arrives with ‘CHIGAI WAKARU’

This is the MC’s first release with Warner Music Asia’s Asiatic Records

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Sep 2022

It’s only mid-September, but there’s something in the air. The weather is not quite as sweltering hot as it was before. There’s a breeze blowing around. Some people in Asia are even wearing light jackets when the sun goes down. With this coolness, it must be Miyachi season.

One of the hottest rappers in Japan, Miyachi is back with ‘CHIGAI WAKARU.’ In English, that means understanding the difference, as he raps about how he and other Japanese rappers just aren’t the same. With a building, piano-heavy Trap beat produced by Jeffery Paik and VLOT, Miyichi gives example after example of why he’s the dopest around.

After a few releases with Sony and building his fanbase as an independent artist, Miyachi is now all in with Warner Music Asia’s Asiatic Records. In a press release, Miyachi said said he’s excited for this phase of his career, “I’m thankful. It feels like we finally found a team that truly respects and appreciates the art and the vision and wants to work together to do special things. It has been a long process tying everything together but it really showed how much the team at Warner cares and it super means a lot. I’m really looking forward to the results.”

‘CHIGAI WAKARU’ is only the start of Miyachi season. Look out for a lot more music, as well as the second season of his wildly popular “Konbini Confession [Confessions at Convenient Stores]’, where he builds with the community by interviewing them in front of 7-Elevens, Hi-Lifes, and OKMarts.

“We are planning an incredible rollout. I think we are paving a new road with the plan that we have. It’s going to be our season all year long.” said Miyachi.

Check out Miyachi’s ‘CHIGAI WAKARU’ below.