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MC HotDog cleared up plagiarism issue & drops ‘樓上的房東 The Landlord Upstairs’

The track was inspired by a short story written by Zhu Deyong

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 12 Dec 2023

Earlier in August, the emblematic Taiwanese rapper, MC HotDog, was caught up in some controversy when he released ‘樓上的房東 The Landlord Upstairs.’ The track was inspired by a short story written by Zhu Deyong, a famous Taiwanese artist. However, MC HotDog was accused of plagiarism as it used words from Zhu’s original work.

This resulted in MC HotDog releasing a statement in September where he apologized to Zhu for it, as well as to his fans who might have felt disappointed. He mentioned that he was actively working with Zhu to authorize the lyrical content of his track so that it could be rereleased.

Fast forward to December 4, ‘樓上的房東 The Landlord Upstairs’ has finally been released again. It’s a somber track that tackles sensitive issues like struggle and suicide. A music video for it was then released on December 7, shot in black and white, with MC HotDog rapping in an apartment and its rooftop.

Check out the video for MC HotDog’s ‘樓上的房東 The Landlord Upstairs’ below.