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LiFTED Premiere: Tuimi & 16 TYPH take a rocket powered with unconditional love to Mars on ‘Sao Hỏa’

Two astronauts vamp it up on the sepia-tinged planet

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 Aug 2021

As soon as Tuimi’s self-produced new track on Def Jam Vietnam, ‘Sao Hỏa,’ blasts off into orbit, listeners know they are in for a journey to the stars. The R&B songstress with an extensive discography of collabs teams up with 16 TYPH on a tale about unconditional love on the sepia-tinged planet of Mars.

Tuimi shoots for hyperspace with this intergalactic love song. She doesn’t need drugs. She doesn’t need alcohol. Her heart skips a beat for her lover whenever she is around. Tuimi flips from Vietnamese to English with ease, proclaiming, “My mind’s been kinda wavy/Knees been kinda shaky/You still get me nervous/Leave me speechless/On the daily.”

16 TYPH's hard but smooth verse is the perfect countermeasure to Tuimi’s singing. He tells her how he really feels and even imagines a time where they can hold hands around Kyoto and even watch blue sunsets above Mars.

The video for ‘Sao Hỏa’ presents two lovestruck astronauts trekking around Mars. They hold hands, do some rock stacking, take long walks to undiscovered places, and vamp it up a bit on the edge of cliffs. The astronauts even try a make-out session, which is disrupted by the fact that they are both wearing mirrored helmets. In the end, they put a plant in the ground and hope that it will flourish like the love they sing about.

Check out Tuimi and 16 TYPH in ‘Sao Hỏa’ below.