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P-Hot, 1MILL & Roony take listeners into the full flex zone with ‘Designer’

The Thai Trio gets flashy with it

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 31 Oct 2023

Thai Hip Hop has one of the healthiest scenes in all of Asia. That comes from hosting the first ever Rolling Loud in the continent as well as being a breeding ground for dope MCs all across the country. Thai Hip Hop has a lot to offer and say, but sometimes, all people wanna do is flex.

And guess what? For Thai rap stars P-Hot, 1MILL, and up-commer Roony, they can. On their latest collaborative single, ‘DESIGNER.’ the trio takes you into their full flex zone. The track, which arrived on all streaming platforms on October 25, marks the first time P-Hot and 1MILL came together for a song, with P-Hot already working with Roony before.

P-Hot opens the track up with its hook, followed by his verse, while 1MILL takes on the second lap, and Roony finishes off things. They name-drop their designer pieces, how much moolah they’re making, and all the flights they’re taking. Of course, they show it all off in its accompanying music video while being dripped out in the freshest of fits.

Check out the video for P-Hot, 1MILL, and Roony’s ‘Designer’ below.