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Kwan takes down the cult with VannDa in ‘មេឃបើកថ្ងៃ’

The video ranks high on the rewatchable scale

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 20 May 2024

Cambodia’s music and art scene is thriving. From the wildly popular VannDa doing big concerts every weekend to the underground ethos of places like B-Box to the playful and imaginative works combining old and new of Fonki, the heat is definitely turned up.

On May 10, Kwan released a collab with VannDa where the music and video are so beautifully directed that ‘មេឃបើកថ្ងៃ’ [Translated to The Sky is Clear] feels like a piece of art. In the beginning, Kwan is fighting against the grain as he walks against the cult coming down into the water. They are cutting up pieces of cloth and passing them down to an inspector. Kwan ends up above the cult and then fires an arrow into the neck of a cult member. As they scramble, a picture catches on fire, the Trap beat goes Rock, and all hell breaks loose.

The beauty of art is that each person can take what they want from it. Kwan’s ‘មេឃបើកថ្ងៃ’ is a work of art from director Jeremiah Overman and all the cast and crew who worked on it because something of this size and scale is not easy to do, let alone get right. There is tension, passion, and feeling all at once in the four-minute mini-movie.

Check out Kwan featuring VannDa in‘មេឃបើកថ្ងៃ’ below.