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Kris Wu sentenced to 13 years in jail in China

The Chinese-Canadian was also fined US$84 million for tax evasion

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Nov 2022

Kris Wu, the 32-year-old Chinese-Canadian rapper who was formerly in the boy band Exo and a judge on The Rap of China, has to face the music for his allegations of rape and group lewdness. In China’s biggest #MeToo case so far, Kris has been sentenced to 13 years in a Chinese jail and then instant deportation to Canada. That’s not all. After the verdict was read, taxation authorities announced he owed US$84 million in back taxes and fines after making false declarations and hiding his personal income.

Allegations started floating online that Kris was luring girls to his place, plying them with alcohol and drugs, and date raping them. Beauty influencer Du Meizhu said she was invited to his house when she was 17. After the guilty verdict, Du said, “Justice was late, but at least it’s here,” Du wrote on Weibo after the sentencing. “I am very thankful for China’s legal system because it does not spare any criminals, even if they are a megastar.”

Since Kris’ detainment, every brand he worked with dropped him. With this jail time, fines, and deportation, Kris Wu’s life as a public figure is most likely over.