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Korean Hip Hop Awards’ Producer of the Year Giriboy drops two new songs

‘Spacetime’ & ‘So What’ show he’s not only a talented producer but also a good rapper

LiFTED | Leah Liu | 26 Mar 2021

If you are interested in K-pop music, Giriboy is not a strange name to you. As a highly productive producer and rapper in Korean Hip Hop music, he has released nearly 60 tracks in a year and produced many hit songs for K-pop groups such as MONSTA X, PENTAGON, Stray Kids, and more. Giriboy also served as a mentor in the famous Korean Hip Hop reality shows Show Me the Money and High School Rapper, where he showed off his rap skills and production ability.

On March 22, this multi-talented artist came back with his new singles ‘Spacetime’ and ‘So What.’ ‘Spacetime‘ reached #18 on Melon Chart, which tracks songs every 24 hours, when the song was released. ‘Spacetime’ has a relaxing melody and a lovely Lo-Fi vibe that fits perfectly with Giriboy’s poetic lyrics about unrequited love.

‘So What‘ is a bit different as Giriboy goes more Hip Hop and R&B than ‘Spacetime.’ As a rapper, producer, and even a vocalist, Giriboy undeniably has his own thing. His rapping recalls some veteran rappers’ confidence and ability to rhyme over everything, while his singing is something else completely. When Giriboy combines them, as he does around these two tracks, the results are truly distinctive.

Listen to ‘Spacetime’ and ‘So What’ below.