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Kasing Lung returns to Japan for -+ individual exhibition

A 3-meter high Labubu plus 25 other pieces will be on display

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 14 Apr 2022

Labubu, a lanky rabbit with exaggerated ears, has made Kasing Lung a household name in many parts of Asia. The artist who created this character, as well as many other monsters, is returning to Japan for a solo exhibition called -+ at the KaiKai KiKi Gallery from May 13 to June 2.

Kasing Lung was born in Hong Kong but splits his time between his home country and Belgium now. In 2011, he worked as an illustrator at How2work in Hong Kong where he released storybooks and collectible figures. His first book, My Little Planet, was published in Taiwan in 2013. Then, he collaborated with a renowned Belgian author, Brigitte Minne, on a children’s book. In 2015, he started his monster series influenced by Nordic mythology, which included his most famous creation, Labubu.

Since then, Labubu has blown up and has been recreated in more than 300 colors, as well as various sizes and shapes. Now, Kasing Lung is more than just a children’s book illustrator. Instead, he’s an in-demand artist who brings his creations around the world. At the age of 50, the artist is still having fun with his art. “When I discover something new, I quickly grab my pencil and sketch everything on paper. This gives me enormous satisfaction,” Kasing said.

At -+, Kasing promises 25 new paintings and a three-meter tall Labubu. For those that love Kasing’s work, this show will be a dream come true.

Check out the introduction to -+ at the KaiKai KiKi Gallery by Kasing Lung here.