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JUBEE, (sic)boy & HIYADAM get their kicks on the breezy ‘Playground’

JUBEE threads the needle again

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 3 May 2024

One thing about Japanese MC JUBEE is that he’s always threading the needle. Whether that is through his ventures with CreativeDrugStore and Rave Racers or via the different sounds that he pushes out in his music. JUBEE is at the forefront of it all.

On April 24, he released ‘Playground’ with his fellow compatriots (sic)boy and HIYADAM. The former takes on the single’s hook duties, while HIYADAM drops a brilliant verse. The track’s production, done by TSUBAME, completely disregards the contemporary and popularized sounds of Drill and Trap. Instead, breezy Drum & Bass takes center stage.

(sic)boy kicks the track off with its infectious hook, serving as an alley-oop for JUBEE to dunk with a cold 16 for its first verse. JUBEE opts for a fast-and-furious approach for his delivery while maintaining a cool and calm intonation. Blending perfectly together with its instrumentation, HIYADAM does the same, following from the Rap scene veteran’s example.

Check out the video for JUBEE, (sic)boy, and HIYADAM’s ‘Playground’ below.