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Joy Ruckus Club 4 hosts Asian Hip Hop stage on September 5

There’s a lot of talent with nearly 40 performers over 14.5 hours

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 19 Aug 2021

The Joy Ruckus Club is back and their Asian Hip Hop stage ain’t no joke! On September 5, Joy Ruckus Club 4 hosts a virtual Asian Hip Hop stage with over 40 performers from all over the world for 14.5 hours.

Now, the Joy Ruckus Club 4 is not only a Hip Hop party. It’s a 10-day party with over 250 performers of Asian descent. As a matter of fact, only the final day is the huge Hip Hop event. It starts on August 27 and the first two days are billed as a KPop Superfest. August 29 focuses on Asian DJs, while August 30 is dedicated to Asian podcasters. August 31 to September 4 are for legacy artists as well as those from Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Canada, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Finally, on the last day, Hip Hop is represented by the 14.5 hour Asian Hip Hop stage.

With Hip Hop artists like Turtle, Doza, Spike Yee, Juso, Cookie$, and House Money with hosts Eddie Supa, Sloanic, C-Tru, Chow Mane, Sawhee, and Micah Street, Joy Ruckus 4 is guaranteed to be a hell of a party even when you are just watching from your living room.

For the fourth time, the Joy Ruckus Club is a highly-ambitious undertaking that continues to be important for the growth of Asian culture around the world. From the Joy Ruckus website, the goal is “Not silent, not complacent, not foreign, Joy Ruckus Club is a society of woke Asians who are in solidarity with all truthfully progressive movements of the oppressed and conquered.”

Tickets and more info can be found at the Joy Ruckus website here.