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Jin Dogg hooks up with DJ RYOW for ‘MVP’ anthem

There may be trouble if this drops in a packed club

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Feb 2023

There are many stories in Hip Hop lore about songs that would automatically cause fights on the dance floors of clubs because they were just so hyped up. At the Tunnel in New York City, DJ Funk Flex would play MOP’s ‘Ante Up,’ and it was a given that someone’s chain would get stolen and all hell would break loose in that nearly four-minute song.

Listening to DJ RYOW and Jinn Dogg’s latest song, ‘MVP,’ it feels like the same could happen anywhere in Japan. As soon as the song starts, the words, “That’s why I’ve got to let these dummies know…” are said. Then, the drums and horns drop and a fight becomes inevitable. Produced by SPACE DUST CLUB, the Trap banger is a bit slower than ‘Ante Up’ at 70-something BPMs, but it has a deeper and darker mood.

The MVP of ‘MVP’ is Jin Dogg. On the previous tracks we’ve covered at LiFTED, he’s been a laid-back dealer of dope rhymes in ‘RUBBERBAND MAN’ and a chilled-out MC in ‘INTRO’ with THE UNCLE and Yo-Sea. In ‘MVP,’ look out. Jin Dogg is a man possessed with lyrical dexterity and a bad attitude to back it up. He brings those emotional bars on a beat that will be serving up beatdowns.

Of course, it’s Japan, so instead of instigating a fight, ‘MVP’ could hype up people to train, keep people going while running, or just get the night started properly by a DJ who knows how to play music. Whether or not ‘MVP’ will cause violence is not the point. Instead, the vibe feels like there should be a bare-knuckle brawl while the song is playing.

Check out DJ RYOW and Jin Dogg in ‘MVP’ below, and be careful when you are listening.