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Japan’s 018 links up with Bonbero for a thumper in ‘Bandiera’

The song is a preview of 018’s upcoming album

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 24 Nov 2023

018 is an MC hailing from Tokyo’s underground who has been consistently dishing out the coldest of tunes since he started as a 17-year-old. On November 20, he shared the tracklist for his upcoming 12-track album titled Hood Eye Black via an Instagram story.

It will feature previously released singles in ‘No Reason’ and ‘Street Talk’. And now, 018 has given another preview for the album through his latest single, ‘Bandiera’, which features fellow Japanese MC, Bonbero.

The track was produced by DJ FRIP aka Beatlab, who cooks up a dark and grimy Drill beat, which the two MCs absolutely demolish. 018 takes on the first half of ‘Bandiera’ as he flows through a menacing verse with his baritone voice. Bonbero switches it up in the second half with his light and melodious delivery, adding a balance to the track’s overall weight. No catchy hooks or playful rhymes on this take. Just a pure and unadulterated lyrical onslaught.

Check out the music video for 018 and Bonbero’s ‘Bandiera’ below.