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Impossible is nothing with Adidas

Six Singaporean artists band together for ‘Who Could Imagine’

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 3 May 2021

These days brands in Asia are falling over themselves to co-opt rappers for their campaigns. All too often it comes off as corny and corporate, with Hip Hop beats created in jingle houses and MCs moonlighting as voice-over actors. Luckily, Adidas hooked up with some real producers and artists to celebrate their latest concept store opening in Singapore, snagging contributions from Rauzan Rahman, MEAN, Mickey Leano, Weish, and PRAV, who collaborated for a dreamy, yet uplifting track called ‘Who Could Imagine.’

On a Trap beat produced by the talented Rauzan Rahman, ‘Who Could Imagine’ is all about motivation, with the parallels between Hip Hop and athletic competition as the theme. Riffing off a smooth, jazzy vocal provided by Weish, MEAN starts things off. The SG rapper spits bars on the grit and grind required to shine on the field, while showcasing his own swag along the way. Next up is Mickey Leano, and the R&B singer/rapper lays out a melodic autotuned flow that rides on the pulsating tempo, reminding us to ‘Take aim, release, I came to win and achieve’.

Turntablist PRAV’s turn is next, and he turns it up with some subtle scratching and transforming, as the track builds for a massive bass drop. Weish, one half of the electronic duo .gif bridges the epilogue with her soulful chorus as she duos with Mickey and the track ends with ‘Ready, set, go’. The vibe between the six artists feels more creative and organic than a lot of other artist-led brand themes, and for that reason it works well.

You can now listen to ‘Who Could Imagine’ below.