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Chinese rapper IceCraz drops Beijing 2022 anthem ‘I See It All’

The song is a collab with CGTN’s Music Voyage

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Feb 2022

Faster. Stronger. Higher. Together.

These words are the motto of the Olympic Games Beijing 2022 happening right now. These words are also the first words people hear in IceCraz’s collab with CGTN’s Music Voyage called ‘I See It All,’ a rap song dedicated to the Winter Olympics which are taking place from February 4 to February 20.

According to the Chinese government’s news channel, IceCraz is rapping his blessings and aspirations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Games. They continue to say that in the song, viewers can feel the special chemistry between Hip Hop and winter sports.

The video for ‘I See It All’ is a well-produced, adrenaline-filled four minutes of winter sports. IceCraz starts on a mission to make it to the top of the snow-capped mountain. Along the way, there are quick cuts of all the impressive sports arenas like the ski jumping venue and the hockey and speed skating rinks. The close-ups of the athletes’ faces while training show the thousands of hours of practice they put in to make it to represent their home nation in 2022.

IceCraz’s mission on ‘I See It All’ is to show why all these well-trained Olympic athletes are going to make it to the top. As he continuously gets higher up his own mountain, he raps about the athlete’s dedication to their sports by practicing in the dark of the night and how they have to have minds of steel to make it this far. Even as IceCraz falls on his quest to make it up the mountain, he talks about the tears, the blood, and the sweat that makes an Olympic athlete different from others. This motivates him to get back up and keep pushing.

In an interview with locals in Beijing on the street about the video, a CGTN host asks if they like the video for ‘I See It All.’ In a consensus, all the people who are questioned feel it’s very good because it would be something that the younger generation likes. They also feel it's innovative, energetic, and fashionable. It seems as though IceCraz’s ‘I See It All’ has done what it was supposed to do, which is bring people together.

Watch IceCraz’s ‘I See It All’ below.