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Haze celebrates 30th years in Tokyo with a retrospective

The show runs from May 18 to June 30

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 May 2024

Graffiti legend Eric Haze is heading back to Tokyo to celebrate 30 years of being in Japan at the Parco Museum from May 18 to June 30. Haze was there at the genesis of graffiti and has transitioned into one of the most in-demand designers in the world today. He’s done everything from creating the Beastie Boys logo to becoming the first graffiti artist to be shown on the Las Vegas Sphere. His iconic typography and icons were on the Sphere leading up to the Super Bowl.

In 2022, Haze reunited with his original brand production, distribution, and retail partners, and they decided to be an exhibition partner and collaborator. Haze said in an Instagram post, “I realized that 2023 would be the 30th anniversary of my first arrival in Japan, as a brand, as an artist, as a designer and literally speaking, too.”

Haze continued, “The exhibition will also include a historical runway of my work leading up to the 90s, a cross-section of both Haze Brand-specific products as well as our various collaborations over the years, plus it ends on a current note with some of my more contemporary artwork and paintings. On top of that, there will, of course, be a pop-up shop, featuring many great partners and collaborators both old and new.”

Check out Haze’s 30th Anniversary Exhibition at the Parco Museum Tokyo from May 18 to June 30. More information can be found at Haze’s and Parco’s Instagrams.