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22-year-old Japanese rapper Gucci Prince has passed away

The tragic news was announced on his social media

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 30 Aug 2022

In a sad turn of events, rising 22-year-old Japanese rapper Gucci Prince died on August 24. On his social media, it was reported that he passed away from complications of a fall, which is the special way to say it was most likely a suicide.

Gucci Prince just posted on his Twitter account two days before his death. He was part of two crews, the Normcore Boyz with his five friends and Young Tokyo Vision. While he wasn’t performing with these crews anymore, Gucci Prince did start releasing music on his own. His latest track ‘WHY LOOKING DOWN BABY’ was uploaded to YouTube in July of this year.

In the death notice, Gucci Prince’s family said they held his funeral on August 27.

To remember this aspiring rapper, listen to his track, “WHY LOOKING DONE BABY’ below.