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Gordon Flanders & The Crane invite you to fly ‘FIRST CLASS’

The duo flex big on an indie R&B gem

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 11 Jul 2023

Hong Kong-based Gordon Flanders and Taiwanese alternative R&B artist The Crane have joined forces to create a fun, catchy new single, ‘FIRST CLASS.’

The duo first connected on Instagram, where Gordon caught The Crane's attention with a cover of his Taiwan chart-topper ‘Limo.’ The two artists quickly bonded over their shared passion for music, spending countless late nights experimenting and jamming together. The result is a caffeinated blend of Bossa Nova, soulful R&B, and a touch of boastful Rap that will have you tapping your toes. On top of the jazzy melody, Gordon Flanders delivers his smooth vocal with subtle urgency, while The Crane’s laid-back nerd Rap flows like a leaky faucet, and it works. They come off as two guys being true to themselves and having fun.

The song’s music video takes us on a journey through the nocturnal cityscape of Taipei, as Gordon and The Crane cruise through the gritty streets to the Raohe Night Market in a BMW sedan. Ditching their glasses and nerdy personas, they bust out in funky suits and exude a new-found swag, impressing everyone they meet along the way.

Check out Gordon Flanders featuring The Crane on ‘FIRST CLASS’ below.