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Final Breaking Olympic Qualifier Series this weekend in Budapest

This is the last chance for many dancers

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 21 Jun 2024

The time is now. Many B-boys and B-girls dreams are all on the line this weekend in Budapest as the final slots to make it to Paris, France, and have a chance to win the first-ever Breaking Gold Medal that are going to be won on June 22 and 23.

In Shanghai, the Netherlands’ B-boy Lee came out on top for the men, and B-girl Ayumi won the women’s side. They aren’t automatically qualified though, and will be on the floor here this weekend, but they do have a [pun intended] leg up on the competition.

Here’s a list of the men’s rankings going into this weekend:

Here’s a list of the women’s rankings going into this weekend:

The battles and round robins should be tension-filled displays of Breaking mastery. It’s a perfect prelude to the pressure of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games that the winners will be going to this summer.

Check the Olympic YouTube channel for the livestreams of all the battles over the weekend.